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19/12/2015 : Alpha 3.7

  • Admins now take a reserved slot instead of ignoring max players when joining full servers
  • Fixed ‘Press F to use’ showing up on enemy assets
  • Improved the visibility of the Map Legend button
  • Improved the Map Legend to react to gamemodes and explain Insurgency objectives during Insurgency matches
  • Fixed other squad Rally Points showing up as Green. They are now Blue
  • Added Error Messages when failing to place Rally Points
  • Fixed Kills not giving the killer score.
  • Added world text to Insurgency caches, explaining how to destroy them or that you must defend them.
  • Fixed a bug where spawnpoints would spawn people on rooftops
  • Increased the texture pool, fixing an issue where some people were getting massive hitching and max VRAM usage
  • Added a dynamic Teamkill kicking solution. Serial Teamkillers will now be kicked by the server automatically.