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      [center:239mu1v0][font=Arial Black:239mu1v0]RETROUVEZ ICI LES UPDATES DE SQUAD[/font:239mu1v0][/center:239mu1v0]

      04/12/2015 : Alpha 3.1

      • Added a 2x recoil modifier to all weapons when firing not in ADS
      • Added Aimpoint to the M4M203
      • Added AKM+GP25 variation for Militia
      • Added RPK74 and AKS74 variations for Militia
      • Added MP443 for Russia
      • Added AK74M and RPK74M for Russia
      • Added traditional M4 with 3 round burst for Militia
      • Added M249 with iron sights for Militia
      • Added correct colored smoke to all grenade launchers
      • Set default fire mode of the AK74M rifles to semi auto
      • Increased the front sight post on nearly all AK and RPK variants
      • Differentiated the way the RPGs frag round and the M72s rocket applies damage
      • Added new map boundaries for Logar to prevent people camping on the hills at the edges of the map
      • All squad leader weapons now correctly fire tracer rounds every 3rd shot. This applies to all 4 factions
      • Removed all sandbag and concrete based fortifications from the Insurgents faction
      • Remade several deployable fortifications
      • Fixed HESCO walls being easily breached when un-shoveling them
      • Limited kits now become available once a minimum amount of players are present in your squad and on your team
      • Limited kits now scale with the amount of people in your squad and on your team
      • Some factions have alternative versions of kits available at certain squad sizes
      • The limits and available kit variations depends on the faction.
      • A squad is limited to how many special kits they can have from each category: Command & Support, Fire Support, Specialist
      • If you leave or get kicked from a squad, you will immediately be given a recruit kit instead of the kit you had claimed. Ammo, bandages and smoke grenades will be transferred to this kit so you don’t gain any additional equipment from leaving.
      • Shortened M4 series dry reload
      • Squad Leaders can now kick unruly players from their squads! Once kicked, there is a cooldown before they can rejoin.
      • Servers can now be password protected, indicated by a lock in their entry on the server browser
      • Added new separate reload animations for the AKM and AK74 series
      • Fixed a number of issues where bandaging and medic bags would fail to detect a dead player. Reviving is much easier now.
      • Added a new UI element that pops up and displays when certain important events happen, like being kicked from a squad, lost connection to a server, or when trying to join a server and failing.
      • Optimization pass on Particle effects and sprite textures, decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed.
      • Optimization pass on Weapon Textures, again decreasing their video memory usage and improving rendering speed.
      • Fixed a number of missing faces and LODs on many environmental models.
      • Modified the default AntiAliasing settings for a crisper picture
      • Exposed many AntiAliasing and Shadow settings to the options menu.
      • Updated Logar with Static Randomizers
      • Fixed building reverb effects not working as intended.
      • Fixed a number of Post Processing issues on Logar
      • Fixed incorrect Scaling parameters on Logars post processing.
      • Fixed an issue where clients would see an incorrect respawn timer when the timer was delayed due to enemies present.
      • Prone Players can no longer fall off ledges
      • Implemented a system to stop wall leaning
      • Added various new static environment models
      • Added modular village houses
      • Added falling metal targets with distinct audible hit sounds. Some targets take one hit to knock down, others will require several hits.
      • Added a green variation of the HESCO barriers for temporary use for the Russian faction
      • Fixed weapon collisions with the ground when dropped
      • Increased the size of the ammo crate icon on the map so it is easier to locate
      • Added more map zoom levels
      • Russia has a unique skin for the RPG-7
      • Added new explosion effects, the RPGs frag round and the M72 now have different explosion effects
      • Added 3 additional skin variations to the Insurgents faction for greater variance
      • Soldiers models on Russia and Militia are now associated with the role you spawn in as
      • Fixed a number of audio sources blocking other sound classes
      • Tooltips added for kit selection
      • Fixed aim sensitivity to be persistent across maps
      • Updated the “Forest” map significantly
      • MSAA does not function as intended
      • Scope Jitter is present when standing away from the centre of map

      06/12/2015 : Alpha 3.2

      • Fixed a server crash when players switch teams
      • Fixed a crash when leaving a squad
      • Fixed an issue where a team capturing a flag in AAS would lose 20 tickets.
      • Fixed the self bandage animation using the bandage others animation
      • Fixed the Recruit kit being available in the menu
      • Fixed the AKM reload sounds
      • Fixed an issue where servers set to random map rotation were always starting on Logar Valley
      • Added the Russian FOB radio audio.

      12/12/2015 : Alpha 3.3

      • Fixed AKM GP25 Reload Animation having sounds out of sync
      • Added a US Main Base to Kohat Insurgency
      • Updated the Sumari and Forest minimaps
      • Fixed animations playing for a short time with the medicbag and field dressing when it has no target
      • Fixed hovering trees and rocks on Fools
      • Admins can now grant Observer Cam without crashing the server
      • Set health to 0 when going into incap, so now everyone has the same amount of time to be revived when they go down
      • Fixed a few cases where the respawn timer would not be replicated from the server.
      • Made medic HUD icons lerp between 0.5 and 1.0 to prevent them from disappearing
      • Improved the PSO-1 scope
      • Really fixed servers starting on maps other than logar.  For realsies this time
      • Updated Forest with some additional tweaks and assets
      • Fixed a variety of bugs and log errors in the Compass
      • Really fixed the give up button disappearing.  Also for realsies this time
      • Fixed being able to throw grenades in the main menu
      • Added basic controller support
      • Updated the Tire Wall deployable
      • Fixed a number of issues with the village house
      • Added bullet hole decals to a variety of materials
      • Standardized zoom duration and focus zoom time across all weapons
      • Standardized the Incendiary grenade throw strength to be the same as all other grenades
      • Increased the bullet crack volume
      • Updated the Server Browser, adding better indicators for passworded servers and anticheat protected servers.
      • Added the Custom Servers browser for displaying unlicensed, self hosted, and modded servers.
      • Fixed the arm on M4 weapons from overstretching when looking up
      • Added tooltips for deployables.
      • Updated the Physmats on Eastern European houses
      • Improved the voice code to not allocate memory as much
      • Added an entry in the binding menu for the SL menu (defaults to T)
      • Improved the green tracer to look less like a laser
      • Added details to Sumari and improved the Skirmish layer
      • Fixed a crash when a player joins a server while the map is changing.  It currently prevents that player from joining the server during the map change process
      • Added Server Name, Map Name, and GameMode to the scoreboard
      • Added the Squad Leader and Medic indicators to nametag drawing
      • Added Interaction widgets to certain deployables (for example, a ‘Press [F] to use’ to Ammo Crate)
      • Updated the HESCO and cost
      • Increased the damage threshhold to skip incap and go straight to death
      • Modified the non-ADS recoil modifier.  LMGs have a higher recoil now than rifles, rifles have slightly more recoil, pistols slightly lower
      • Removed Kohat Conquest Experimental and Kohat v3
      • Updated the Menu music to the latest version, also adding a new music track
      • Filly removed the old login menu and prevented a situation where it would come up and not go away
      • Fixed a memory corruption server crash related to assigning roles to players
      • Fixed a server crash when kicking players from squads
      • Updated the error text on dedicated servers when Steam is not found
      • Fixed a number of cases where Dedicated Servers would fail to launch because it can’t find Steam
      • Updates and bugfixes to Fools Road
      • Fixed Interaction Menus not appearing on deployables in Training.  
      • Added level of detail models to 9 weapons. Hopefully improving performance ever so slightly. More coming

      13/12/2015 : Alpha 3.4

      • Tweaked the Dead Info HUD Widget to display different depending on if the map is open or closed
      • Fixed a US Ammo Crate starting unbuilt in Sumari
      • Fixed bunker collisions and material assignments
      • Fixed the Map Legend from not showing up
      • Fixed the Squad Leader right-click map menu from not showing up
      • Fixed a bug in the keybinding menu that prevented axis keys (Move keys, etc) from being rebound.  Azerty keyboard users rejoice!
      • Fixed a case where players would fail to load into the game
      • Revised Forest, adding a new flag and new assets
      • Prevented a case when players would become more stuck if being teleported when stuck
      • Fixed the Join/Part spam from overflowing into the chat box.  It now scrolls up instead of down.
      • Fixed a server crash when Squad leader is passed to a player who is disconnecting
      • Modified Fools Road.  The river has been significantly updated and floating grass around the map has been properly taped down.
      • Added Chora

      14/12/2015 : Alpha 3.5

      • Updated Fools Road.  Added a new flag and a new log trench
      • Fixed an issue where View Distance set to Low would cause the ironsights on some weapons to not be displayed
      • Updated the description on Radios to explain the ticket loss when they are destroyed
      • Fixed a few cases where ammo crates would tell you the wrong key if you wanted to interact with them
      • Updated Militia on Forest
      • Renamed Chora to Chora AAS
      • Added Fools Road Skirmish
      • Fixed an issue where all markers on Chora would end up at 0,0,0.  
      • Added Sumari Insurgency
      • Updated all Insurgency maps to give 30 tickets to the destroying team upon completion of their objective.  Up from 10.  
      • Fixed an issues where Kohat AAS was not showing up correctly in the server browser
      • Added Text Chat keybindings to the keybinding menu
      • Removed Turn Left and Turn Right from the default arrow keys.  This allows other keys to be bound to them
      • Made a small optimization pass to the Animation System.  You should see some FPS gains with multiple animating characters on the screen
      • Updated the Militia textures
      • Unified all fire-select weapons default to single-fire.  
      • Made a pass on the lattice for Logar PAAS and reduced the ticket count
      • Fixed the russian backpack from being too shiney
      • Removed the SL2 variant of the Russian SL model.  He’ll be back pending a material fix
      • Fixed a number of animation distortions across multiple animations
      • The full scoreboard will now be shown when in observer cam
      • Updated the textures of the classic AKs

      16/12/2015 : Alpha 3.6

      • Fixed an issue where limiting max players in command line wasnt working
      • Fixed a bleed and ticket issue in Kohat Radio Tower
      • Removed the Founders Skins pending full implementation
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      19/12/2015 : Alpha 3.7

      • Admins now take a reserved slot instead of ignoring max players when joining full servers
      • Fixed ‘Press F to use’ showing up on enemy assets
      • Improved the visibility of the Map Legend button
      • Improved the Map Legend to react to gamemodes and explain Insurgency objectives during Insurgency matches
      • Fixed other squad Rally Points showing up as Green. They are now Blue
      • Added Error Messages when failing to place Rally Points
      • Fixed Kills not giving the killer score.
      • Added world text to Insurgency caches, explaining how to destroy them or that you must defend them.
      • Fixed a bug where spawnpoints would spawn people on rooftops
      • Increased the texture pool, fixing an issue where some people were getting massive hitching and max VRAM usage
      • Added a dynamic Teamkill kicking solution. Serial Teamkillers will now be kicked by the server automatically.
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      25/12/2015 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:3md3nsqr]Alpha 3.8[/font:3md3nsqr]

      • Fixed a bug where the FOV could be set outside the range
      • Further pass on optimizing the animation system
      • Fixed an incorrect name on Sumari
      • Fixed a possible performance issue in the Animation System on AMD processors
      • Fixed a server crash when creating a squad
      • Fixed an issue where aim offsets would be wrong when aiming down
      • Fixed an issue where the gamemode rules weren’t being shown on map switch
      • Disabled Framerate smoothing by default (was causing FPS lock on certain machines)
      • Further pass on the map legend to ensure that all gamemodes were covered
      • Fixed a bug where Rally Point Error Messages were being sent to the wrong player
      • Added new sounds for Prone Movement and Sprinting
      • Fixed Ammo Crates posting a message on the HUD when used
      • Added ‘Streamer Mode’ to the game options.  This disables the Server Name on the scoreboard and a few other things
      • Fixed destroying friendly FOBs would deduct your team’s tickets
      • Adjusted the attenuation settings on rocket flybys  
      • Added placement sounds for Rally Points
      • Fixed Fools Road not being properly randomized when selecting a random variation
      • Fixed an issue where the server would look up UserSettings for every player joining the server
      • Enabled texture streaming and increased the texture streaming settings
      • Updated the Lod Bias on every asset, vastly improving Video Memory usage and rendering speed
      • Fixed a bug where the ‘End Use’ message would not be sent when a player died while using an object.  Fixes the Ammo crate menu sticking around when you died while using it.
      • Fixed a visual ‘jumping’ when a player is revived and goes into prone
      • Upped the spawn delay on FOBs from 5s per enemy to 10s per enemy in the radius
      • Added better logging when players are disconnected from servers to help debug the disconnection issues
      • Changed ‘Training’ to ‘Firing Range’ on the main menu
      • Fixed a server crash when validating player inventories
      • Added Ping to the server browser
      • Fixed a display issue with scoreboard pings (they were too high)
      • Fixed a possible cause of the disconnect bug, where players were attempting to switch to an empty weapon
      • Changed the handling of the Server Name, so it’ll update more often
      • Removed some extra ammo crates in Fools Road
      • Improved the handling of getting stuck in objects
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      12/01/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:15k3ynhn]Alpha 3.9[/font:15k3ynhn]

      • Improved client performance related to optimizations in the anim system
      • Fixed kit allocations not working in many situations
      • Updated Militia player models with new components, distinguishing them further from other factions
      • Performance improvements to the Militia player models
      • Leaving a squad now replaces your kit
      • Improved Steam authentication for better stability
      • Allows for joining on Steam friends
      • Allows for joining servers via web browser sites
      • Increased server connection timeout, decreasing the amount of unintentional disconnects
      • Increased server browser timeout
      • Increased timeout for joining a map to allow people with low spec pc’s to load the game, without being kicked unintentionally by the server for timeout
      • Added SteamID to showplayerids
      • Fixed banning by ID issues
      • Improved performance of explosion effects
      • Added the ability to reset keybindings
      • Separated out the default button in each section of the settings menu, pressing default now only resets the current menu’s settings.
      • Players can now cancel joining the firing range in menu
      • Fixed incorrect access level for banning
      • Fixed a few server crashes
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      15/01/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:m8nqsz4f]Alpha 3.10[/font:m8nqsz4f]

      • Fixed an issue where framerates were being capped incorrectly on some high end systems
      • Fixed an issue where the some Militia members went to war without pants
      • Fixed a server crash when using objects like ammo crates or FOBs
      • Fixed a case when connecting to servers where you would recieve ‘Connection to the host has been lost’.  This doesn’t fix it 100% of the time, but it is a massive improvement.
      • Fixed a visual issue where the player count was incorrect over the Steam API
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      15/01/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:29v0o5oj]Alpha 3.11[/font:29v0o5oj]

      • Fixed the militia’s new pants giving an invulnerability shield to the wearer. 
      • Fixed server browser showing 0 players.
      • Added p2p relay to help with server connection timeouts.
      • Confirmed all maps in rotation are working and spawnable.
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      04/02/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:1df1m1f1]Alpha 4.0[/font:1df1m1f1]

      Major Changes:

      • Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) : This release will feature Easy Anti-Cheat as a new active anti-cheat protection system.
      • 1P78 Kashtan Rifle Optic : The Russian faction now have scopes for their weapons! As one of the most requested feature, we are pleased to grant the Russian faction a rifle optic for their primary AK74M and support RPK74M rifles as well as sneaking some goodies for the Militia.
      • RGD-5 Grenade : The RGD-5 is a post-WW2 Soviet-era grenade, inexpensive to manufacture and commonly found in many modern conflict areas. Will be featured on the Militia and Russian factions.
      • Map Updates

        • Fools Road received a new industrial area in the South West of the map, an updated Estate with a very cool tunnel section connecting the buildings together, as well as many new details and features spread out around the map.
        • Chora has also received many updates, expanding the playable area and more detail work.
      • Flag Capture Mechanics Updates : AAS has been updated with some new gamemode rules to encourage greater emphasis on the flag objectives.  Flags now have an increasing ticket bleed based on the number of flags owned by the opposing team, reducing the chance that the team with more flags loses the match.  Additionally, capturing a flag now grants the capturing team some tickets, as well as increasing the ticket loss for the team that loses a flag. Finally, we have added a protection sphere around each teams main base, which prevents bullets and players from the opposing team entering in it’s area thus adding a layer of protection from main base camping.
      • Post Processing Effects : Many post processing effects and the ability to change their settings have been added.  Ambient Occlusion helps to define soft shadowing of objects.  Auto Exposure and Eye Adaptation causes the exposure of the screen image to simulate the effect of human eyes moving between brightly lit and dim environments.  Bloom is the bleed-over of light caused by looking at bright objects in lowly lit environments. Motion Blur adds a blur effect to objects depending on how quickly they are moving on the screen (works well with the new Russian scopes).  Lens Flare simulates scattering of light when viewing bright objects through lenses.
      • Server Browser and Joining Server improvements : The server browser has been improved, adding sorting by each column as well as better usability in general.  Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed, improving the server join experience and a quicker response when you fail to join a server.

      Changelog :

      • Added a team switch timer, limiting how often you can switch teams, this timer only applies after the round startup time allowing teams and friends to get set up.
      • Added Dome of Defense around main bases (Destroys all enemy projectiles upon impact, and pushes back enemy soldiers if they try to enter)
      • Updated the AAS logic to be more robust and have more features

        • Allows for giving the capturing team tickets and also has an option to prevent ticket gain when capping from start-neutral
        • Owning more capture zones than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty. The more zones owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs.
      • Fixed the ability to lean while prone, this snuck in due to lean code optimization
      • Kit, role and equipment changes

        • Marksman kit moved from the specialist group to fire support, same squad/team limitations as before
        • Fire support kits are now reduced to 3 when at max squad size, down from 4. You should see more ordinary riflemen on the field now
        • Grenadier kit now unlocks at 5 squad members, rather than 4
        • Max amount of grenadiers available per squad down to 1 from 2 (AK74+GP25 removed from Militia until we have a more flexible inventory selection system)
        • Ordinary riflemen/fighter kits with ironsight or red dot sights now have 2 frag grenades rather than 1
        • Automatic riflemen now have another 150-200 rounds depending on the caliber of the weapon, so you don’t have to feel bad about suppressing the enemy
        • Designated marksmen now have less rifle ammo to keep in line with damage potential of other classes (SVD down from 8 to 4 magazines), make those shots count
        • Designated marksmen has 3 pistol mags rather than 2
        • Added more smoke variation and each team now has different colored smoke variations. Militia have Green and Yellow smoke colour variations, Russians have Purple and Orange, while the insurgents have Black and Yellow. 40mm smoke grenades remain the same for now.
        • Russian squad leader has an alternative kit available at 6 squad members, an AK74M with an optic
        • Russian rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1
        • Russian Automatic rifleman + optics kit available at 8 squad members
        • Militia rifleman + optics kit available at 4 squad members. Limited to 1
        • Every kit that has a magnified optic now has one less magazine than their red dot / ironsight counterparts
        • Added RGD-5 frag grenade to replace placeholder M67 on the Russian faction, also gave an alternative skinned version of it to Militia instead of the F1
      • Weapon changes

        • Added deviation to rockets and launched grenades projectiles
        • ACOG model got a quality of life upgrade to make it look prettier
        • Slight increase in the recoil of the SVD
        • Fixed a bug where all weapons were firing at the same muzzle velocity. Now weapons have different bullet drop depending on caliber/muzzle velocities
      • Updated inventory action delay timer on the scrolling menu from .5 to 1.5 seconds.
      • Medic bag and field dressing improvements

        • Added more information feedback to the player
        • Fixed an issue where enemy soldiers could be healed
      • Rally point changes

        • Rally point code has been more optimized for server use
        • Increased placement cooldown time from 30 seconds to 210 seconds
        • Rally points can no longer be placed with enemies within a 50m radius, and will reset the placement time from 0 to 90 seconds. Your former rally points do not disappear.
        • Rally point placement now requires sl + 3 squad member if the sl does not have an officer kit, if he does have it, then only sl + 1 squad member is needed
        • Changing squad leader now resets the rally point placement time to 120 seconds if the placement time was under 120 seconds.
        • All rallypoint messages are now shown in the chat area instead of the middle of the screen.
      • If your squad leader changes, a message is now sent to your chat area to inform.
      • Deployable placement errors are now posted to your chat area.
      • Fixed an issue where you could leave a squad and keep your kit if you were incapacitated
      • Map and spawn screen updates

        • Opening of map and spawn screen no longer stops the talking input
        • Clicking around and interacting with the spawn screen no longer stops other inputs (you can now move and interact with the menu at the same time, note that there are many edge cases to this particular issue and we will be addressing them as they are reported)
        • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor could be lost when returning to the spawn screen after having opened the main menu
        • Map and spawn screen now automatically closes when the main menu is opened
        • Moved a large chunk of the map implementation to c++ improving stability and speed
        • Fixed a bug where the SL menu on the spawn map was not updating it’s last clicked position correctly
        • SL menu on the spawn map now opens with the cursor in the middle of the hex menu, making it easier to mark locations and work with the ui
        • SL marker lifespan is now 5 minutes, up from 1.5 minutes
        • Reduced the zoom levels on the map from 7 to 4, and made the map zoom all the way out on the outmost level
        • Slight rework of the map medic icon, making it more distinct.
      • Keybinds for the spawn screen and map now work on both open/close. (You can rebind them to Enter without issues)
      • Changed the lowest possible FOV to 90 degrees.
      • Added more graphics settings for Motion Blur, Bloom, Lens Flare, Auto Exposure, etc.This is still work in progress
      • Fixed issue where some higher resolutions were missing from the graphics settings
      • Added sortable server browser
      • Fixed some disconnection issues upon joining a server
      • Added a system that allows for individual damage sounds depending on the collision bone that was hit, this is replacing the dead sounds, meaning that you no longer know if an enemy died unless you do a visual confirmation
      • Added initial enhancements to the Admin Camera to support Squad League with Player Outlining and Capture Zone visualizations.
      • Redesigned smoke grenade variations to share one projectile and one effect. Any color variations now only need to be a child of the original, instead of needing duplicate effects and projectiles. This optimizes the deployment of smoke grenades and makes implementation easier.
      • Stopped smoke from playing on the server unintended. This prevents smoke spam affecting server fps.
      • Removed manually placed border blocking volumes and updated with new spline blocking volumes.
      • Lots of LOD models added to weapons, improving performance
      • Reworked tracers slightly, making them easier to use when correcting bullet drop
      • Reworked server configs, ban lists & admin lists http://forums.joinsq…-server-config/
      • Added server messages
      • Changed console command ShowPlayerIds to ListPlayers
      • Added temp / timed bans
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      05/02/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:1v2jo79y]4.1 Hotfix[/font:1v2jo79y]

      • Fixed player counts not reporting properly in steam.
      • Fixed server config parsing issues.
      • Fixed a layer of fools road which had incorrect spawning rules and unlimited kits.
      • Removed server messages from single player.
      • Other minor bug and crash fixes.
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      09/02/2016 : [font=-apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif:1qfk1lze]Alpha 4.2 [/font:1qfk1lze]

      • Added a SERVERCONFIGSDIR command line parameter to allow server providers to specify a custom config directory location once more.
      • Added a server performance profiling command that will be used to aid with easier performance profiling on servers who volunteer to partake in it.
      • Fix to a bug in banning functionality that caused some bans to not persist.
      • Optimized design of the Map player and medic icons.
      • Various other smaller bugfixes.
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